Supplement to the year 2012

The year 2012 will be the next time of the 11 year cycle of the sun's activities, which have a huge influence on the planet Earth.

Utopia, the greatest fantasy of all, until 9th July (9-7), 2012, a feast day.

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The page you see here describes the structure of the Uncreated and the Created, as a whole picture of Eternal Existance. It explains why Genesis One is so different from Genesis Two. Genesis One describes the whole Earth, as a paradise with humans living on it. The first male and female appeared together at the beginning of time. Genesis Two looks like a different kind of explanation of the origins of humanity.

The question of our original identity is very important to every human being here on earth. Particularly now, at the end of time as we know it. The powers of Universal Hypnosis are very strong. Let the Supreme Being – Yhwh – Allah, defend himself. Let us proceed with the process of de-hypnotising. And let common sense prevail too.

Prometheus, the Promised One, an Ancient One, will come soon, but will come as many: 153,000 in every nation on Earth. They will be men and women, focusing the pure energy of Utopia, here in Earth.