An introduction

  1. The Bible is considered to be the greatest spiritual work for all Christianity. For Catholics, the New Testament  is considered to be the most significant message of hope, in particular the book of Revelation. In Chapter 21, verses 10-16,  the symbolic, holy city of New Jerusalem is described as coming down out of heaven from God.
  2. Originally, the Bible was written in Greek. In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21, verse16, the measurements for the walls of New Jerusalem are given in the original, Greek version, as 12,000 stadia. Then stadium can be considered as a cornerstone of  God’s design.
  3. Stadium measurements: 607 ancient feet. When the New Testament was written, in about the 4th century A.D, only the ancient foot measurement existed. It was taken from the  Egyptian pyramid measurements, and was then adopted by the Romans and the Greeks, as 30.2 centimeters.
  4. In the year 1611, the King James Version of the Bible appeared, as the centerpiece of the newly created Anglican Church. The new church leaders tried to express, better, more special relationships with God, the creator I suppose.
  5. They changed the  existing 12,000 stadia to 12,000 furlongs. A furlong is equal to 660 British feet. A British foot is almost one percent bigger, than the ancient foot. 0.9 percent exactly.
  6. For the Anglican Church, a furlong was the new cornerstone of the holy city of New Jerusalem, which is equal to 660 British feet, or exactly 666 ancient feet. Is something wrong with the ancient foot measurement? It is so ancient, like every human ego-mind is.

The Existence of Satanic Verses

  1. The material here is all about satanic verses i.e. numerical mistakes in the Bible, particularly in Revelation 21, verse 16: 12,000 x 666 = 12,000 furlongs = 1,500 miles = 2,400 kilometers = which is not equal to 12,000 stadia. In the 20th century, the measurement of 12,000 furlongs was translated as 1,500 miles in the United States, and as a metric conversion, 2,400 kilometers in Europe,.
  2. From the year 1611 up to the present time, a cardinal sin has been committed: against the  testimony written in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 22, verse 18-19. Here it is written that if there are any changes made to the Bible, then a  possible punishment could follow. But who is afraid of this today? Here on earth, hypocrisy rules, that is our world.
  3. This material is all about throwing away the three unclean spirits from copies of the Bible worldwide: 12,000 furlongs, 1,500 miles, 2,400 kilometers.
  4. All this material is a blueprint for supreme court cases in all countries, against editors of the Bible, where something different exists in Revelation 21 verse 16. Something different than in the original, correct measurement of 12,000 stadia.
  5. Fact: the numerical mistake in the measurement of the walls of New Jerusalem exists, and unfortunately, these mistakes have a satanic background. These are human made mistakes.

Satanic Number 666

  1. In the book of Revelation, Chapter 13 verse18, the number 666 is mentioned. It is described as the number of the beast and a human number. It calls for wisdom: which is the lower or false self in every human being here on earth, called the ego-mind.
  2. At that moment, many people could be outraged! But that is an ego-mind response, which tries to be very  clever all the time: I am good person, others are bad! And life goes on, between these superiority and inferiority complexes.

The Real, Higher Self

  1. There has been hope for everybody from the beginning of time: there is a real, higher self, present all the time, in every human being on planet earth. The proper name for this is the Guardian angel, which is inside everybody’s psyche. What is the real purpose of any meditation? It is to find a connection with ones Higher Self, as far as possible. That is the real goal of meditation, twisted in many ways.
  2. There is no higher power in all the universe, than the fully developed consciousness of a real, higher self found in everybody here on earth. There are 49 grades of the human consciousness, which are developed through 84 human incarnations.
  3. This incredible human potential makes humanity unique in all the universe, especially  compared to all other extraterrestrials. But this human fate has come with a heavy price tag, in the form of a very intense spiritual journey, which exists inside everybody’s human psyche. Good on you.
  4. A fully developed higher self is like Shiva- Shakti  powers, or –I AM - statement of the  biblical Moses and his occult powers, which is used in the Bible when needed. Or Atman – Adam.

About Biblical Moses

  1. There was the biblical Moses, who again and again repeated words of truth to his fellow Jews. He told them to circumcise their ego-minds, to get rid of them. But through the ages, Jewish priests twisted  Moses's statement, and turned it in to physical circumcision, which was more convenient. This strong religious tradition still exists today.
  2. There was the biblical Moses, who took his fellow Jews into exile for 40 years. It was a  strange event: for 40 years the Jewish people lived a higher energy existence. They had everything around them for a full enjoyment of life. But they still complained to Moses.
  3. At the end of their 40 year journey, the Jewish population, as whole, rejected Moses, who was then 120 years old. He then travelled to live in Kashmir, in India. He left his body at the age of 123.
  4. The Biblical exodus was a test, and the Jewish people were the chosen people for that test. They lived in the Promised Land for 40 years, and they did not recognize that that place was the possible paradise here on earth. What a pity!

Some Mystic History

  1. Several thousands years ago, Vedic culture existed here on earth. Their priority at that time, was to live in harmony with Mother Nature, which was always a challenge, as it is even today. They realized that mother Earth is a living entity, with intelligence of its own. Another great feature of the Vedic communities, was full support for young women and men to find their soul mates. There were no homosexuals at all.
  2. Some glimpses of such ancient Vedic knowledge and culture survived in India, because of Lord Krishna's protection. There was the swastika, which is a symbol of sun energy and prosperity, the sound OM, or twisted tradition of arranged marriages.
  3. Ten thousand years ago, all humanity fell into a lower energy existence, and deep universal hypnosis began, effecting all but a few mystics. What is the definition of a mystic? Through the ages, a mystic is one who is strong enough not to allowed herself or himself to be hypnotized into a false reality of the world.
  4. How does this strange universal hypnosis work? Let us take a personal example: in all Australian ports, a Polish flag is used as the pilot flag. For the port authorities, it is easier to change the flag, than to try to convince me that I am wrong. Maybe Australians could learn Polish as well. The powers of universal hypnosis are very strong. But let us continue with mystic history.
  5. About ten thousand years ago, there was the biblical tower of Babel. According to the  Bible, before the tower was built, all humanity spoke one language. They tried to build a  symbolic tower of Babel to reach heaven, and they nearly succeeded. Now humanity speaks thousands of different languages, and there are no limits to have more.
  6. The powers of universal hypnosis are very strong. Many could be curious, what was the one language spoken before the tower of Babel? It might come as a surprise to all, because it was the simplest language possible,  and it is now in wide use: Polish.


  1. To all those who try to twist all this material into religious beliefs. All religions throughout  the ages have done more harm than good, because of their intrinsic creation of division and separation. In every religion, priests, or intermediaries, try to convince others that they have a special relationship with God.
  2. What is the difference between the words, God and Allah? Common sense tells us nothing. But priests, who put the word of Allah into the Koran, claim a special relationship with God, called Allah. The same happens with Jehovah’s Witnesses, who  claim a special relationship with God called Jahveh.
  3. Some people in that world claim special relationships with God called the Supreme Being. These are some glimpses of what is going on in our world.

About Biblical Christ

  1.  Jesus Christ was real. He was a great man in human history. Christ survived crucifixion, left Palestine, and settled down in Kashmir, in India. He lived there for 40 years as a family man. But this is too much for the Christian establishment to acknowledge, I know well. The powers of universal hypnosis are very strong.
  2. Jesus Christ allowed himself to be crucified, to prove that dark forces exist and were at work. There are mysterious dark forces at work, trying to convince every human ego-mind in the world, that they do not exist. Until somebody comes across their ways…
  3. One day, if you circumcise your ego-mind as Moses said, you could see a totally different picture of the world. You could also see the near future, as well. Good one.

Direction for Action

  1. As I said before, all this material is a blueprint for supreme courts cases, because only the  courts can make correct, common sense decisions. And there is no other option. For legal reasons, only one person, which is me, Mr Zbigniew Dzwonkowski, can proceed  with all these court cases.
  2. I invite all of you, who would like to try to help me, to reach the proper courts. It would be stupid, in this highly materialistic world, to go to court and not ask for money. Is something wrong with money? Money does not have an “ego-mind”, but people do.
  3. In a writ of summons, I will claim damages for years of deceit, to me and to all people, who are aware of the seriousness of the numerical mistakes mentioned and of the existence of  satanic verses  in copies of the Bible. I will ask for US$10 million  per court case. Not too much, not too little, just right.
  4. The fact of winning money in the courts is proof in itself, about who is right and who is wrong. That is the way of the world we all live in. In every game of life, there must be a  winner, and there must be a loser. But in the game of human consciousness, only winners exist.
  5. I was born with an atheistic consciousness, and I will leave the world as an atheist. Personally, I have nothing to lose, and nothing to gain in that world. Somewhere, in the far beyond, in the Absolute, God-maya, does not exist. Maya is a shadow of God. And that is exactly what lord Buddha said, admitting the non-existence of God.
  6. And once again, there is no higher power in all the universe, than a fully developed human consciousness. I call it a Buddha consciousness, Krishna consciousness or Christ consciousness.
  7. But what about occult powers? Through the ages, some people have had glimpses of such powers. Lord Christ answered that problem in the Bible, where he said: if somebody is sincere in small things, they will be sincere in big ones. The test continues.
  8. I am the author of this material. I was born a Polish catholic, and in some sense, I have a birth right to proceed with the above court cases. To ask that the fundamental, and for many, painful changes be made to the New Testament, the Bible.

Personal Experience

  1. On Monday morning 25th February 1991, during the first Gulf War, I went to the East Perth Police Station. There, I made a statutory declaration, that the coalition forces, including Australia, could lose the Gulf War, because of the existence of the numerical mistake in the Bible, which in reality, is satanic.
  2. I gave that declaration to the police officers on duty. They consulted with their superiors, and detained me. Shortly after, I was taken to Graylands Mental Hospital for 14 days. They had the option in that situation, to play it down and to turn it into a joke. But they were very serious about my statement.
  3. On 30th November 1991, I entered my Supreme Court case, number 2519, against the Bible Society of Western Australia. In the judgment handed down on 6th February 1992, I was told that the judge upheld the opinion of the defendant, the manager of the Bible Society in WA. That opinion was: that the Bible is a work of God, and therefore, no changes are possible.
  4. But where was God, when the mistakes in the translations were made? In Revelation Chapter 19 verse16, there is a clear statement of the Absolute: - “He has on his garment and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS."

A Mistake in Translation

  1. In that passage of Revelation 19.16, all copies of the Bible around the world have used the  word “thigh”. However, when the Bible is translated into Polish and Czech, they have used the word “hip” or biodro in Polish, instead of the word “thigh”, or udo in Polish. Again, where was God, and the usual army of translators?
  2. Personally, I blame nobody. The powers of universal hypnosis are very strong. I say, Wake up, to reality! I do what I like to do, for the world, and for my soul mate, hidden somewhere in the world. On a level of the Higher, or Real Self in everybody, only co-creation exists. No chaos is allowed.


  1. By the way, who will be most interested in all this material? The general public, or some powerful people, whose personal prestige is at stake? We will find out. Let us continue with our test. The number one court case is against the Bible Society in Australia, to clean up our home. Then, Great Britain, the United States and more will follow. Affidavits are ready, and my presence in all courts will follow.
  2. By the way, do not call me a terrorist, because my copy of the Bible is a very heavy one.
    To help to put everything in motion, you can contact me at
    Postal address: Mr Zbigniew Dzwonkowski PO Box 258, Maylands, WA 6931.

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    Written in Perth, Western Australia 11th August 2009